Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still here...

Alright to begin with, I've just got to say something. Thank you to whatever higher power(s) gave someone the idea to create 5 Hour Energy!! I don't know what I'd do without it. Seriously...I don't know how well I'd be staying awake at the moment if it weren't for that little energy shot. Ryleigh did NOT want to sleep last night. She'd fall asleep for a few minutes here and there, but for the most part, she would just crawl all over me and ask me to start the movie again (she was watching The Fox and the plays by itself a few times, but after that you need to hit play to start it up again). I did not restart it, but she kept asking anyway. I finally got annoyed, closed the laptop, and told her I had to work in the morning and if she asked me to start the movie one more time, I'd swat her butt. Well, she didn't ask me to start the movie again, but she didn't sleep any better either...which means I got VERY little sleep myself. When I left, I told her she NEEDED to go to sleep, so at least one of us could get some decent sleep. She wasn't happy about that, but she stayed in bed (how soon after I left she was up waking everyone else up, I don't know...but she was still in bed when I left).

I know I've been slacking on this blog lately. In my defense, I've been insanely busy and insanely tired....and insanely lacking decent internet. Seriously...I was going insane. I even wrote out a check for almost $300 (which was around half of my biggest paycheck so far) to get the good internet back because they sent another bill even though mom had already given them a $300 check. They're REALLY slow on cashing checks... (So we won't have an internet bill for a few months now. lol) I was 3 weeks behind on my shows (because I can only watch them online...we don't get the right channel) and finally got caught up on Sunday. The airport blocking streaming and downloading (and a whole lot of other stuff) and my grandparents having only dial-up and having the good internet at home disconnected because the bill was "forgotten" for a few months is killer to me. An internet connection shouldn't matter to me so much, but some of my best friends...and pretty much the only ones I get a chance to talk to regularly...are online. And like I already said, it's my only way to watch my shows.

Here's hoping I make it though today... I am SO not a morning person. lol

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