Monday, December 19, 2011

Less than a week until Christmas!

Less than a week to go until Christmas and I've got a HUGE headache. Ryleigh is on her worst behavior... I even tried warning her (being the mean mom I am) that Santa was watching and wouldn't bring her any toys if he saw that she was whining and not listening and all she'd get was socks and underwear. She cried a little, but she didn't care enough to change her behavior. I can just imagine her reaction when she opens up her presents on Christmas Day if I don't decide to just cancel the presents... "SEE, I TOLD YOU I'd get toys!"

I'm gonna be getting the last of the presents for her tonight if the price is right at the store...if not, I'm ordering online tonight or tomorrow while I still have the chance to get it here before Christmas. I had to wait for this paycheck to do my Christmas shopping because I bought a van too damn close to Christmas and used up all my savings on it (which, in fact, is what the savings was for...but I was starting to think I wouldn't find anything decent anytime soon and would maybe use some of the money for Christmas)

I am nowhere near ready for Christmas...I mean, sure, we've got cookies baked, we've got a tree up, and I've got most of the presents bought or ordered...but we have no stockings up, my kid is driving me crazy! (I remember being on my best behavior the week or two before Christmas even if I was a terror the rest of the year), my brothers are driving me crazy (because they keep picking fights with my kid and making her cry and SCREECH!!!), and...actually, people in general are driving me crazy particularly the ones I spend a lot of time around and the ones that blame me for no cabs being out here when their flight wasn't listed on the flight load sheet. I think I need to start taking my vit. D supplements again...the weather HAS been nicer than a normal December in MN, but I still haven't been out enough to get enough sunlight (and I'm a wuss, so the little bit I am out, I'm too covered to get enough sunlight...even though it's warmer/less snowy than usual, it's still cold).

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  1. merry christmas, kiddo.. here's wishing you get that new camera and may winter skip minnesota this year. the best thing santa could bring you would be . . . a new job, eh?