Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A 2.5 year old's imagination

While my youngest brother had his flag football practice/game (or "foobaday" as Ryleigh calls it, she LOVES going to Christian's foobaday because it means she gets to play over at the school), Ryleigh and I went to play at the playground. She climbed right up onto the area of the play equipment with the steering wheel and said she was driving the ship! I quickly jumped on before the ship left (by her demand) and asked where we were going. We were going to visit Mickey Mouse! I decided to play along because...well, I had nothing better to do and I know playing pretend all by yourself gets boring really fast. The visit to Mickey's house was really quick (we didn't even get off the ship, she just pointed off to the side to "Mickey") and then we were off again. She wanted me to go down the slide after that (while she was still driving the "ship"), so I said I'd fall off the boat if I did that! She said I wouldn't. I went down the slide and pretended I was in the water. I "swam" back to the "ladder" and JUMPED back onto the ship. She got a real kick out of that so we started taking turns "falling off the ship," swimming back, and jumping onto the ladder. She went down one of the other slides so I yelled "WATCH OUT FOR THE SHARK!!" She asked me "Where, where?!?" When I pointed it out. she said "Oh." grabbed the steering wheel and announced she was driving away from the shark.

Eventually, she got bored of that game, so we "swam" over to the bigger playground and she climbed on everything. She wanted me to play with her some more, so I pretended to be a monster and I'd poke her shoes through the holes in the platforms and try to catch her at the bottom of the slides (I always "just missed" though) and then would chase her to the stairs or ladder. If I got too close, she would SCREEEEECH for me to go away because I was a scary monster. (Of course, she told everyone at the playground that I was her "muddah" [I would really prefer mommy, mama, or mom...but everyone always tells her to "go ask your mother!" so I'm now "muddah"] in between times. Silly little turd. Finally, it was time for Christian to be done with football and I had to try to talk her away from the playground. "You can come back and play again on Christian's next football day!" didn't work. "Let's go or I won't take you to the playground next time!" did. Honestly, I love seeing how much fun she has at the playground, but I hate having to try to get her away from it when it's time to go. It's like pulling teeth.

Next "foobaday" is Thursday. Wonder what kind of game she'll come up with then. Maybe she'll find a little friend to play with then. There was a group of little girls of varying ages there today, but they were all playing together already so Ryleigh just made me play. Should be interesting either way.

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