Monday, September 19, 2011

This place is trying to kill me

Woke up today shortly before 10 am after a restless night of Ryleigh waking up to go potty a few times including one where she got to thinking it was time to stay up because the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. It took a while to get her back to sleep after that...she wanted to watch a movie, but I knew she wouldn't go back to sleep with a movie on. Anyway, I checked my phone as soon as I woke up. I had received a text message earlier that morning asking if I could come in to work at 11... Well, shit...I still needed to take a shower, that wouldn't leave me much time...and what about Ryleigh? I texted back "I can, but I'd have to have Ryleigh with me until my mom got done at 1." You know, thinking maybe that'd get me out of going in early. But of course, it doesn't work that way. "That's fine." So I take a SUPER fast shower, get myself and Ryleigh dressed, pack up my computer, try to find her a couple things to do while I'm busy, and rush out the door.

We got there a few minutes late, but I made sure it was known that I was on my way. I got Ryleigh and myself settled in. She colored for a few minutes and then she got tired of that, so I set her up with some Disney Junior games on my computer. Thankfully, there was only one plane to deal with while I had her here...but of course, she chose the exact moment I got busy after the plane landed to announce she had to pee! So I try to explain to her that she has very bad timing, I need to work now, and she needs to try to hold it for a few minutes while mommy helps the "nice" people, and I hope like hell that she doesn't have an accident before I'm able to take her to the bathroom. Luckily, she made it alright (although she wouldn't hold still for even a second while she was waiting) and didn't have an accident. Then, we walked around the airport a little bit because she was full of energy and didn't want to sit still anymore, and she tried to drag Grandmama away from her work (yeah, my mom works at the airport too). Finally, Grandmama got done and took Ryleigh home to get ready to go swimming at the hotel for Great-Grandpa's birthday today. Whew! The next plane isn't due in until 1:30. I can rest and maybe eat my lunch now, right?

WRONG! The plane comes in early, and I get the people all cleared out maybe 10-15 minutes before the next plane comes in (late) and hour later. And now I have no cabs for this flight! And I still have no cabs when the flight has landed! SHIT!!! Then, Delta starts bringing me luggage after luggage for the next hour. One delivery every 5-15 minutes...I still don't have cabs for people how am I going to get these out too? And then the 3:00 comes in and I've still got all this luggage that I can't send out until I make sure I have enough cabs for the people that need them. And then American starts bringing me a bunch of luggage with another delivery found every 10 minutes. I finally got it all called on and I'm working on getting out the stuff that is either going to hotels or going to owners I've been able to speak with. I think I may have missed someone calling back about one of the luggage deliveries I left a message about while I was taking some other luggage out to a cab. I just heard a last ring as I walked back in and that was it.

So it is now almost 4, the next plane is due in at 4:30, I still don't have all this luggage out, I've still got people waiting for a shuttle, I've been here since a little after 11, and I haven't had a chance to eat my lunch yet (I also didn't have a chance to eat breakfast). At this rate, I don't think I'm going to be able to eat today. Maybe after the 5:00 flight I'll have more luck, then next one after that isn't supposed to be until 7... Between the stress and the lack of food, I don't know if I'll live past 30 if I stay at this job. Yeesh!

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