Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'll admit it, I'm weird

So after a few friends of mine read my first blog post (and my subsequent whining on facebook that I likely would not remember to post regularly...or at all...after about the first week), I got a few suggestions that I just stick to one topic for each post to make it easier on myself. Which really is a great idea...except if I tried to do that most of my posts would be no longer than a tweet or a facebook status. And that just wouldn't be any fun. I guess I'll just stick to random-ish bits of whatever happens to be on my mind when I actually sit down and type...and hope they make some sense together. I have a bad habit of going off on strange tangents sometimes. Like I have started talking about a post from The Bloggess about Beyonce, her giant metal chicken, and ended up talking about how my grandma makes me throw away all my empty boxes I could use to store stuff but usually end up sitting around my room because I don't know what I should store in them (I've got a diaper box currently holding some of my kid's old clothes that she's outgrown and a couple boxes holding the Guavas and Bananas stuff that came in it and another box or two just waiting for me to fill them up...but grandma put all the rest of them in the bonfire). Seriously though, I would like to get a Beyonce of my own to put in my grandma's yard since she keeps getting rid of my boxes.

This blog may have been a bad idea. About the only times I'll be able to update it are the times I should not be writing anything. (When I'm bored at work and when I'm up really late to use the dial-up.) Also...I use parentheses WAY too much. Don't really know why. I always have. One of these times, I may have to post a video blog just for fun...but I hate the way my voice sounds. And I already have too many people that don't think there's any way I could possibly be 24...13 maybe if I'm lucky, but not 24. My younger brothers tease me about it all the time, particularly the ones that are taller than me.

Something tells me that if I actually do remember to post regularly, I'm going to end up regretting that I thought it would be fun to started a blog. I need to go to bed now because for once I'm too tired for the night-time to affect me in the strange way it usually does (but that's kind of expected considering I've had maybe 3-4 hours of sleep in the last 38 hours or so...I actually got more sleep when I was nursing my newborn daughter. Granted, that was kind of broken sleep because she'd wake up roughly every hour or two wanting booby-time...but still, overall, it was more sleep). job really sucks when it's my turn to work Friday night/all day Saturday.

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