Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My phone tried to give me a heart attack today

I'm not sure if it's the universe that thinks it's funny to make me panic or just my phone, but here's what happened After a quick trip to Walmart for crappy cheap food to eat at work, I got to work, booted up my laptop, and sat down to get everything set up for another however many hours at the airport. All of of sudden, the message box on Facebook popped up. Zach wanted me to text him because....I don't know, I guess I'm more interesting than I give myself credit for or something like that. I reached into my pocket to grab my phone, so I could tell him that he wrecked my web browser (Chrome locked up really bad pretty much right after that message came through). SHIT! It wasn't there. So I'm wracking my brain trying to remember if I had it still when I came out of Walmart. I thought I might have, but I couldn't remember for sure. I started kind of panicking then thinking, "Oh no, what if it fell out when I pulled my wallet out of my pocket?" But then I was sure I had it in my lap when I was packing some of my newly bought crappy food into my lunch bag and thought there was NO WAY I wouldn't have heard it fall onto the hard floors. So first chance I got, I went out to the car to look for it...only, I couldn't find it. I went back in panicking a little more and called my phone to see if anyone would answer it. Of course, no one did.

I spent another hour (and another flight coming in) trying to figure out what I should do. But then I got thinking about it again, and I KNEW I had the phone in my lap while I was packing up my food...and I was fairly certain I put it back in my pocket. And then it hit me, maybe the damn thing fell somewhere between the seats! I went out to check, and sure enough...there it was! One and a half hours from the time I realized it was missing, I finally found it. I was both proud of myself for finding it and feeling like an idiot because it was in the car THE WHOLE TIME and I didn't find it until the 2nd search. Then again, I am kind of out of it today. I spaced out for about half the trip to Walmart in the first place (and I was the one driving), so I don't know why I'm surprised that I couldn't find my phone that was practically right under my nose. I need to tie my phone to myself when I wear pants/coats with these "slash" pockets...then I wouldn't lose it and I'd know when it slips out. I tie my wallet to myself when I carry it in my pocket because I had a bad habit of losing that damn thing wherever I sat down. I probably should just tie anything that's going into my pocket to me...that would solve a lot of problems.

Random fact I just found out: A cab from this airport to Sturgeon Bay, WI costs about $617. YIKES!

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