Monday, September 5, 2011

Proof that I am WAY too easily amused...or maybe just immature...or somewhat insane

1. I have to work really hard not to laugh when people go to the wrong baggage claim and miss their luggage going around (seriously, there's only 2 airlines and 2 baggage claims in the WHOLE shouldn't be that hard to figure out where your luggage should be).

2. I find a screw laying on the ground and have to fight the urge to offer it to someone by asking them if they "wanna screw?" (I seriously wouldn't do that though because I am terrified of talking to people.) It makes me giggle like a crazy person.

3. The last flight of the day ALWAYS using like a million cabs even if there's not even 10 people on it. This always surprises me anyway. And I laugh like a nervous idiot as I call dispatch to send me another cab, and another cab...and better make it 2-3 more cabs this time...oh, and one more. Wait, add another one to the list. Okay, now we're done. No, wait. One more....make that 2 more. Oh, and I just got luggage to deliver, so you better send another one on top of that. (Then again, at this point, it might just be my "night weirdness" setting in because this usually occurs around or after 11 pm.)

4. I TOTALLY just sent a cab driver out with 4 luggage deliveries going to 3 different hotels and a residence. That is AWESOME! Good thing he was driving a minivan. I came in to finish my paperwork laughing like a maniac. I don't know why I found it so funny though because more deliveries means more money for the driver and having them all in a small area means less driving around to get that money....but it's hilarious anyway.

Is this long enough to be considered a blog post? Probably not, but I think I'm gonna stop now and publish it before I mention that the dents on my bottle of water are HILARIOUS. Because at this point of the night, I'm tired/wired enough to think they are. Thank god I get to go home soon-ish. It's harder to make a fool of myself when the dial-up at grandma's won't cooperate with me even trying to get here to write a post.

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