Saturday, September 3, 2011

Probably not a good day to start a blog

A little background on me before I get into why it's not a good day to start a blog: I am a 24 year old, college graduate, single mother stuck working at a $8/hour part-time job at an airport because I don't have enough experience for anyone else to want to hire me (despite numerous applications/resumes I've put in at places more suited to my degree)...and I live with my mom...and my grandparents. This living arrangement is okay sometimes, but most of the time it's say the least. Mostly because my grandma and I are both very stubborn people and are constantly butting heads over every little thing. But anyway, that's more or less my life right now.

Now, why is it not a good day to start blogging? I didn't get out of work until after midnight last night, drove half an hour home to find my 2.5 year old daughter still awake and wanting nothing to do with sleeping, couldn't get to sleep myself for at least a couple hours after finally getting her to go to bed, woke up at 6 this morning to get ready for work, and drove a half hour back to work. I don't understand at all why it's usually the person working Friday night that gets to come in for Saturday (which is usually an all day shift because there aren't as many planes coming in on Saturdays). Wouldn't it make more sense for the person who worked Friday morning and had a chance to go home and rest to get Saturday? Or maybe even someone who didn't work Friday at all? Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining all that much. Money is money, and I have to be scheduled hours to get money even if they aren't exactly the hours I would choose for myself. Anyway...that kind of went off on a tangent. The main point there is I am really tired today, so (as as already been seen) this post is going to mostly be me whining and complaining. I'm hoping that won't end up being a common trend if I keep blogging on here, but I'm very afraid that might be the case...I'm kind of a whiner.

There are some small positives to this job though. For one, I have access to the airport's free wifi (which used to be completely open until a few months ago when they went crazy blocking stuff...but that's a rant for another post, maybe. They have eased up on the blocking somewhat though now that they're getting it more fine tuned to just the stuff they need blocked). Another is that I (very) occasionally get random money. Like today, one of the cab drivers gave me $5 to watch his cab while he went in to use the toilet...because people aren't allowed to leave vehicles unattended outside the airport doors. The security guards are VERY strict about it, but they do try to at least give the owners warning that they need to either stay with their vehicle or park it in the short term lot before ticketing and/or towing the vehicles. And then there are the interesting, short-tempered, chatty, or just plain crazy people that sometimes come through here. Last night for example, a couple came in on the last flight of the night with no hotel room booked and expecting to book a hotel room and be able to rent a almost midnight. The lady was very nice, kinda ditzy though (remarked to me a few times while calling hotels that she didn't like using her husband's cell phone because she could never figure it out)...and she had a mullet. It looked great from the back, but the front...well, let's just say I wouldn't get a haircut like that myself, but she seemed to like her hair so more power to her. Her husband was a tall, broad-shoulder, balding, kind of cranky man (although arriving just before midnight to no rental car and no hotel room...I guess that's not so surprising). He thought it was crazy that the rental agencies wouldn't be almost midnight. They eventually got things sorted out and I got them a cab to take them to their hotel. Update (before I even get this post published...nice): They came back to rent a car and were very surprised to see me here "still" and still smiling. While I would much rather be sleeping, I might as well at least try to look happy while I'm here.

Oh, just to explain my blog title to anyone who may be wondering. "CCL" is Crazy Cat Lady which is kind of one of the groups I'm part of...except, I don't have a cat. I did have a cat for a little while, but when things went to hell with my (now almost 3 years ex-) bf, I was forced to move back with my mom and she doesn't like cats...and is allergic to them, but mostly she just thinks they're gross. Not really sure where I got my love of cats, most of my family doesn't like them...doesn't like most pets actually, especially not ones in the house. It's very sad. I guess another way the title could be viewed is that because I'm a "CCL without cats," I'm really just a crazy lady...which is sometimes true. A lot of times I don't make much sense to anyone, not even myself.

I suppose I'll wrap this up now, but since it's not even noon yet (and Saturdays tend to be really boring, filled with long gaps between flights), I might be back with more later. We'll see.

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