Friday, September 9, 2011

A peek into my subconscious mind

My alarm went off at 6 this morning and woke me from a kind of interesting dream. Actually, I've had similar dreams before, but not exactly the same...there were a few differences.

To begin with, a majority of the area's population was "trapped" in this one big, walled-in city. The gates were constantly guarded, but (for the most part) no one wanted out anyway. This is where my strange little group comes in. This group consisted of me, my daughter, one of my little bothers (I mean, brothers), my ex, and a few people I didn't really know. For some reason, we were all unhappy in this walled-in slice of "perfect," and we wanted out. We had somehow managed to get in contact with a group on the outside and secretly planned our escape. On the scheduled day, we all started getting ready, but it started to seem whoever was in charge of the city had gotten some hint of an uprising about to start. There were more guards at the gates, random "friends" would stop to talk...and someone took Ryleigh's carseat out of our "get-away" van. I pulled my brother to the side to give him the keys so he could get the van ready to go and asked him what we were going to do. His reply was "Drive. FAST." So he got into the driver's seat and the rest of us started trying to get the rest of our stuff ready to go. All of a sudden, I look around and notice a fairly large group of "friends" headed towards us. All bets were off now. "Let's GO!!!" I shouted, and we all piled into the van. Connor hit the gas before we even got the door all the way, shut and we were off with not much more with us than the clothes on our backs. The guards all scattered as we barreled towards them with no sign of stopping or even slowing down. As we passed through the gates, everyone collectively took a deep breath (except Ryleigh who was just having fun not being strapped in a carseat for once), and I don't think anyone took another breath until the city wall was out of sight.

After that, we slowed down a little and eventually made our way to the "safe house" we were supposed to stay at that night. We all slept in a little room with a bunch of beds scattered around with no real pattern. I chose one of the two double beds for me and Ryleigh, Connor took the twin near my feet (but he didn't want that one, he was mad he didn't get the double), my ex was in another twin on the other side of the room. One couple out of the people I didn't know took the other double, and the other two people took the remaining twin beds. We had all settled down to try to sleep when someone suddenly came into the room. After a few moments of panic, we realized it was our contact from the outside. He gave us a business card and said in the morning we should call this number to find out where we needed to go next. I found it odd enough to note that the address on the business card was in Canada. He just shrugged it off saying that's where the group's headquarters were. Finally, he left reminding us on his way out to get a good night's sleep because it was going to be a long day tomorrow. We all got into our beds and started to doze off. And alarm went off. Grrr...wonder if I'll ever find out what happens next. I'm kind of curious if we ever get where we're going and find someplace to stay.

On a completely unrelated note, it was foggy this morning as I was driving in to work. The fog was really low and patchy, so I'd see individual clouds hanging over different yards and parts of fields and in each ditch. I love that.

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