Monday, September 5, 2011


Alright, I have nothing today. I was up WAY later than I should've been writing up a REALLY long something that I will probably never actually post. So now I'm tired and my daughter's newest toy almost outsmarted me when I was trying to put it together for her and I'm at work.

Oh, and the car I have to drive to work hates me and keeps dying pretty much anytime I have to come to a stop unless I keep one foot on the brake and the other just a little bit on the gas...which I really don't like doing because I KNOW you're only supposed to use one foot alternating between them so you don't hit them both at the same time and end up ramming the car in front of you instead of just stopping (or something like that). Unfortunately, it's the only way to keep the car running when it's stopped or slowing towards a stop. I need a different car. Luckily, I've finally got enough saved up where I can maybe start looking for a car (or a van...I would actually prefer a van, but a used van tends to cost more than a used car).

Okay, I left this one alone hoping maybe I'd have something more to say in a little while. No luck. But here's a crappy picture (of...myself? I guess) that I drew in Paint...because I was bored. Please don't ask me to do it again...Paint is a pain to work with. I think next time, I'll just draw on a piece of paper and scan it or take a picture of the picture.


  1. I don't know Ash I think it's cool. Much better than I could have done. I had a car like that. I finally gave up driving it because when it would stall in the intersections I would start having a panic attack. Got used to walking to work though and it helped me lose some weight. Now I just need a job. Mickie

  2. Want mine? lol Seriously though...I would NOT want to walk to work here. Especially not the days I work mornings. It's a half hour drive doing 60-70 most of the way...I'd hate to see how long it takes me to walk there...not to mention the fact that I'd probably have to walk along the highways. o_o